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Board Support & Development

Governance assessment & training

Good governance is key to strong nonprofits. Launa will assess your existing governance processes and provide expert guidance and training to deepen your board’s understanding or their important roles.

Board recruitment & diversification

Finding qualified, diverse people to govern your organization can be a challenge. Identifying the right expertise is paramount, but diversity is of equal importance to a strong governing board. Launa will work with your board to identify its strengths and gaps, and provide hands-on assistance recruiting quality candidates for consideration.

Change management

Navigating governance & operational changes can be difficult. Launa is a gifted change agent who can guide your board through a consensus building process and help them identify goals and chart a path forward.

Strategic & Program Planning

Short & long term organizational planning

Sustainable nonprofits don’t just happen, they take deliberate planning. Whether your organization needs to plan for its next 3, 5, or even 10 years, Launa can help you take a broad, holistic approach, build clear, actionable plans, and stay laser focused on your short and long-term goals.

Leadership succession planning

The strength of a nonprofit depends heavily on its ability to sustain strong leadership over time. Launa can work with your board to create a succession plan to ensure that current and future leadership needs are met through deliberate action.

Program design and evaluation

Launa has many years of experience designing and building successful nonprofit programs. Let her help create, revive, and restructure your programs for more successful outcomes.

Project management

Do you need someone to keep your major project on track? Launa has the skills and expertise to bring structure, coordination, and efficiency to your project implementation efforts.

Fund Development

Fundraising assessment & infrastructure

Do you need an expert to help you revisit fundraising strategies and ensure you have the right infrastructure to support fundraising success? Launa will assess your current fundraising efforts and help create the infrastructure needed to raise more funds and build a financially sustainable organization.

Fundraising training

Fundraising can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. Launa is a seasoned major gift fundraiser who can train your staff and board members on the most effective techniques to identify and cultivate strong donor relationships and raise more money in the process.

Campaign planning & management

A fundraising campaign has a multitude of moving parts that require careful planning and diligent management. Launa can provide guidance and hands-on assistance to keep your campaign on track and meet your fundraising goals.

Executive Coaching

Leadership mentoring

Being a new organizational leader can be extremely lonely. Especially when there is so much to do and learn – from finances, to H.R., to outreach and fundraising. Launa has worn these shoes and understands the demands. If you’re a new nonprofit leader looking for a coach, help is just a few clicks away.

Change management

Navigating organizational change can be difficult. Launa is a gifted change agent with deep experience coaching nonprofit leaders on strategies for building consensus and implementing positive organizational change.

Strategy support

When you need a thought partner to help develop a new strategy or tweak an existing one, Launa is the one to call. She will help you dive deeper, identify opportunities and potential road blocks, and ensure you can execute your strategy with confidence.

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