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Nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations are the heart & soul of our communities. My work is focused on strengthening & sustaining these wonderful organizations so they can continue serving the people and inspiring positive change.


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“We needed a consultant to provide a training for our Board of Directors on their roles, responsibilities, and fundraising strategies. Launa understood what exactly we needed and further understood the varying experiential levels of the audience. This understanding led to smooth facilitation, but yet still encouraged dialogue amongst the team. She maintained good humor but was the consummate professional.”
"On behalf of Board of Directors of First Community Capital, Inc, we are truly thankful for the work Launa Wilson has done for our organization. Already we have seen a significant impact her recommendations have made to the success of our organizational infrastructure that sets us on a path to financial sustainability and structural resilience."
T. Jay Diallo
President & CEO of First Community Capital
"As President of Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars and on behalf of the other Board Members, we highly recommend Launa Wilson Consulting, LLC as a valuable training resource for your organization. Launa will endeavor to help solve your fundraising issues and provide a myriad of ideas that can be implemented. Her skills are a great fit for any non-profit organization looking to improve."
Sylvia Olsan
President & CFO of Esperanza Scholarship Foundation Dollars for Scholars
"Launa is AMAZING!! I enjoyed working with her, she’s very knowledgeable. Launa offered sound advice, worked quickly and delivered a fantastic product. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Launa!! I look forward to keeping in touch."
Jules Sanders
The AFARA Collective – Testimonial via Catchafire
“As the new CEO of Academy for Grassroots Organizations (AcademyGO), I found Launa’s strategic planning retreat facilitation both informative and impactful. The Board of Directors and staff agree that what we learned during the process will assist in taking our organization to the next level. Launa was the perfect fit for the needs of AcademyGO and we highly recommend Launa Wilson Consulting to any nonprofit that is looking for strategic planning services.”
Debbie Cannon
Academy for Grassroots Organizations