About Me

About Me

At my core, I'm a community servant (and a bit of a political junkie).

Throughout my professional career, I have been drawn to people and organizations who serve communities and make them better places to live, work, and play. My purpose is to help mission-driven people and businesses accomplish their goals.

I have a gift for navigating organizational change and coaching leaders to greater success. I've developed programs from the ground up, revamped operational systems, raised millions in charitable dollars, and strengthened & diversified boards of directors.

Everything I do is based on data and driven by measurable outcomes. With a background in the banking industry as my foundation, I have a unique business perspective and skillset that benefits every individual and company I work with.

My Approach

My approach is to analyze, identify, advise, and execute. I enter every client relationship with an eye towards long-term partnership.

My work is focused on:

Translating your goals into actionable plans.

Identifying sticking points and helping you get them unstuck.

Developing practical strategies for long-term growth & sustainability.

Managing projects and plans to achieve successful outcomes.

My Approach

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