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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Board Recruitment with a Purpose

Does your nonprofit struggle with board member engagement and participation? Do you need to bring new skills and expertise onto your board? Do you want to build a more diverse board for your organization?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this workshop is for you! Board Recruitment with a Purpose will provide practical strategies and tips to help your nonprofit organization recruit and retain great board members. Whether you are looking to diversify your board’s makeup, bring on new skills, or simply establish infrastructure to support board recruitment efforts, this workshop is built with you in mind!

Topics include:

• Assessing the current state of the board.
• Creating structure to guide the recruitment process.
• Practical tips for identifying and attracting the board members you want.
• The importance of training & engagement for long-term board success.

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Your guide to nonprofit excellence

Join nonprofit governance and fundraising expert Launa Wilson for this engaging and informative training session. With over 20 years of real world experience in nonprofit fundraising, governance, and leadership, Launa is a highly sought after speaker and trainer who offers practical solutions for nonprofit sustainability. This workshop is designed for executive directors and board leaders to attend and learn together!

  1. Understand the connection between fundraising and board’s fiscal duties
  2. Refresh your understanding of the primary sources of nonprofit funding
  3. Practice the active and supportive roles board members can play to support fundraising.
  4. Learn practical tips to equip your board leaders for success.