What Does Nonprofit Sustainability Look Like?

I often hear community leaders and elected officials pontificating about the importance of a “strong, sustainable nonprofit sector” as a way to enhance overall community health. They talk about the business and municipal communities partnering with the nonprofit sector to better address problems and bring a more holistic approach to the collective work.  Unfortunately, I […]

Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Nonprofit Leader

Happy 2023, friends in the nonprofit sector! If you’re anything like me…and pretty much everyone else on the planet…you’re working hard to step into the new year with intention. Whether you’ve resolved to lose a few pounds, or train for a marathon, or finally get your household budget together, please know that we’ve all got […]

Navigating Nonprofit Leadership…Without Losing Your Mind (Pt.1)

I absolutely adore the nonprofit sector. I love that it is mission-driven, service-oriented, and aimed at solving some of society’s biggest problems. I love the grassroots nature of many of these organizations, and the way they learn and adapt to the needs of their communities. But what I love the most are the two ingredients […]

Organizational Culture – Good or Bad, You Choose.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately about organizational culture. The topic is certainly not new to me, but I’ve been fascinated by it for many years, dating back to my banking career and subsequent transition to the nonprofit sector. Like just about everyone I know, I have worked in companies with strong, […]

You Think You’re Making a Difference…But Are You?

Nonprofit leaders and volunteers are passionate, busy people. There is so much to be done and in many understaffed and under-resourced organizations, not enough time or money with which to do it. Clients need to be seen, grants need to be written, board members need to be informed, staff needs to be managed…and the list […]

On Gardens & Donors: Great Relationships Take Work!

I spent last weekend outside in my back yard, toiling in my garden and getting it ready for spring and summer planting. The front of my home is completely xeriscaped and filled with beautiful yet intimidating agave, cacti and succulents. From this vantage point you’d never know that there’s a small but productive vegetable and […]

When Grant Funding is Problematic

Grant funding is often the primary source of operational and/or programmatic revenue for a nonprofit organization. Whether from government or non-governmental sources, grants are integral to a nonprofit’s survival.  Executive directors and grant writing professionals can spend many hours researching and writing grants with varying degrees of success. For organizations that are just starting out […]